About EcoOnline

EcoOnline is an IT firm dedicated to developing software to make management and documentation of chemicals as user-friendly and cost-efficient as possible.

Producers, resellers and distributors of chemicals are linked up with those who manage chemicals in a single common database.

The database enables the sharing of legally required data on hazardous properties, and the recommended precautionary measures to be adopted when using chemicals and chemical products.

This allows companies to work preventatively, avoiding injury to people and minimising environmental impact.

Do you have chemicals in your workplace? Contact us and we’ll help you to find a solution which ensures that your employees are protected, environmental impact is limited and legislation is complied with.

Why choose EcoOnline?

With hazardous chemicals representing a serious threat to health and the environment, there are increasingly stringent requirements on the way chemicals are documented and managed.

Did you know:

  • The EU has adopted in excess of 800 laws which regulate the use of chemicals – in your company.
  • This is the most complicated legislation in the history of the EU, and it is constantly being developed.

Thankfully, there are solutions which adhere to all the requirements of this complex chemicals legislation, while also providing a safe work environment.