Chemical safety management on the go

EcoOnline launches a completely new app which enables you to access your chemical inventory from anywhere.

With the Eco Archive app, you can put your entire chemical inventory “into your pocket”! Find your safety data sheets quickly using an integrated search function or QR codes. In addition, you can search for new products and add them directly to your chemical inventory.

The app gives you a simple overview of your products and their location. If there are locations you need extra quick access to, you can add these as favorites. In addition, you will always see the last visited locations.

You can decide if you wish to see all the products for a given location, or filter out based on for example health risk or fire hazard.

Helps you uncover important risks
With the statistics and filter feature, you can quickly create a picture of what products pose a risk to your business, whether there are products that lack risk assessment or contain hazardous substances that require personal records.

Scan and find
Would you like to know which chemicals are stored in a given location? Use QR-codes to get an instant overview.

Always logged on

After logging on for the first time, there is no need to enter your username and password again.

With EcoOnline’s app for chemical inventory you can:

  • Remain logged on with instant access to the information you need
  • Create favorite locations
  • Add new products

In short – all the information you need – always available on your smart phone.


Download from App StoreDownload from Google Play

If you need a username and password to log in, please fill out the form here.

New interface on all surfaces
The new app is part of EcoOnline’s process for updating large parts of its solutions with a new and more user-friendly interface. Already next week we will launch improvements for readers, as well as a new feature for printing labels.