Eco Archive Premium is a cloud-based tool that simplifies work with the company’s chemical inventory.

With Eco Archive Premium, you have access to the most comprehensive database of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in the Nordic countries. This systematic approach enhances the reduction of risks associated with the use and management of chemicals.

Eco Archive Premium enables you to map use, assess risks and implement precautionary measures. Updating the Safety Data Sheets becomes easier and less burdensome. Due to the clever design of the service, access to and management of the information can be done anywhere and at any time.

Why choose Eco Archive Premium?

There are many requirements for the performance and contents of a chemical inventory system. One of these is an obligation to keep SDSs up to date and complete. Relevant information includes the hazards of the product and recommended precautionary measures. In order to deal efficiently with the comprehensive volume of data, there is no alternative to a digital management system.

The law does not distinguish between users of few chemicals or many, or if the users are on a high or low budget.

Eco Archive Premium enables everyone to meet the legal requirements conveniently and efficiently. The design of the software meets the requirements set by the authorities, thereby making compliance easier.

When your ambition is to create a safe workplace for you and your colleagues, Eco Archive Premium will meet all your requirements.


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