We know that it can be time-consuming to keep track of and manage the documentation required for safe handling and storage of chemicals in the workplace. Even a single detergent, or an innocent glue stick, may require a Safety Data Sheet to be made available to all employees and updated in the latest version.

The more Safety Data Sheets required, the greater the chances of chaos, and the higher the costs.

Did you know that it costs approximately € 13 000 a year just to handle 100 SDSs manually?

Choose a digital solution

EcoOnline has Scandinavia’s largest database for chemical documentation. We will help you with a complete overview of the company’s chemicals.

Build your own chemical database, assess risk and take action. All in accordance with the regulations.

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Save money on your Safety Data Sheets

Has it ever crossed your mind how much money you spend on searching, printing and placing Safety Data Sheets manually?