According to regulations, all employees who are in contact with dangerous chemicals shall have access to the safety data sheets for the products they are in contact with. However, making the information available is often challenging. Imagine the typical scenario of having to look through several binders to retrieve the information, or even searching for it on a computer.

That’s why QR-codes are the solution!

By customizing the information and applying QR codes to labels associated with the safety data sheets, access becomes easier and faster to any worker equipped with a mobile or other handheld device capable of scanning a QR-code.

The codes are printed to labels and placed in all relevant places, such as a door, a storage shelf, a vehicle or a container. In the case of an incident, the QR-code can be scanned and the relevant information and recommended measures retrieved in an instant.

A QR-code can contain a lot of information within a very limited space. The code remains the same, but the contents can be changed. This, among other, allows for making changes in the inventory system, without having to change the labels.


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