Eco Publisher has been created to meet the requirements set out in relevant European rules and regulations, such as REACH and CLP.

As a producer, supplier or importer of chemicals, you are responsible for providing relevant documentation for products for your customers. The documentation, in the form of a Safety Data Sheet, must be provided to your customers on the first delivery. It must then be delivered again every time a change has been made. Due to these requirements, your Safety Data Sheets must be up to date.

The information used in the Safety Data Sheets you create with Eco Publisher can also be used to create other relevant documentation, such as labels, safety protection information and transport information.  To suit the different needs you may have, simply combine the Eco Publisher with a range of optional products.

Why choose Eco Publisher?

  • Meets REACH and CLP demands
  • Translates Safety Data Sheets into 26 languages (EU/EEA languages, including Russian)
  • Can connect to a tool which automatically distributes Safety Data Sheets directly to customers
  • Safety protection sheets and labels are generated automatically from the Safety Data Sheet
  • All versions of your Safety Data Sheets are stored and easily accessible
  • Exposure scenarios can be handled within the tool

The unique EcoOnline database allows for connection and direct communication with your customers. The communication records can be stored for ten years according to legal requirements.

The EcoOnline database also serves as a valuable source for attracting new customers. Every day, many thousand searches for Safety Data Sheets are made in the database. These activities represents a valuable lead. Don’t miss out on the opportunity; make sure your Safety Data Sheets are available in the most comprehensive database in the Nordic countries!


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